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Why You Need the Web Sonic System Created and Developed by

You don't have to call your web developer every time you need something updated on your site. 

Your designer / developer will need to set up the website, create a design and implement it. Then you can log in to the backend.  Once the dirty work is done, the site will be ready for you to change, update, delete, and create content.  This means that you will no longer have to call your developer to change minor things like the store hours, or the image on the home page… You won’t even have to call you developer to change major things like menu items or contact forms thus saving money in the long run.

If you want a blog with your site, you can have it.

You can blog about your business or service. Find out more Here.

By nature, a Web Sonic System site will provide the building blocks for large-scale changes and updates on your site. 

Content management systems are inherently set up to make it easier to make large scale changes on a website.  You want a web presence so people can Google your business, find out more about what you sell or service you offer, and then come to the site.  In the future, you want to start selling items online.  With a click of a button your site can sell products, collect money and receive donations.  Using the old hard coded, HTML approach, you would need to start at ground zero when creating an ecommerce site.  With Web Sonic System, you can start with a simple splash page, and then down the road can still add ecommerce without having to start all over.   Even site wide design, navigation and site layout are easier to update with changes as your business grows and changes.

Web Sonic System sites have built in Search Engine Optimization Tools.

The Web Sonic System contains the tools that you need to run a successful SEO campaign.  Every time you load an image, you are asked to provide some small, but important SEO data.  Every time you create a page, SEO tools are at your fingertips.  Web Sonic System sites also make it easy to register your site with search engines like Google and Bing.  You can also create search engine friendly site maps.  In a hard coded HTML site, SEO is going to be very difficult.  Not only is your data stagnant, but it's also much more difficult to stay on top of optimization especially when you don't know any code.  

Content Management is a fun way to either start your new website
or revamp your old one.  As you can see,
Web Sonic System provides a ton of great options.